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Hand Rejuvenation Treatment

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment for Common Skin Problems

Aging affects the skin of a human hand the same way the face does. The volumizing appearance of hands gradually depletes as we age. As the soft tissue, it starts reducing with age; The Veins, tendons, and bones are more prominent and visible. The skin becomes saggy and loose and more wrinkles as we age.

Sun exposure is the first reason to damage the skin of the hand as it does to the skin of the face. For the face, we usually use many creams that can protect it from the sun. But Hands are always less protected. Consequently, they suffer from pigmentation issues and textural problems with age. Let suppose you have lovely skin and you work outside and spend much time in the sun without using sun protection creams, then you can see the rough scraps on your skin. These rough scraps make our hands unpleasant. You can protect your skin by applying sun protection cream on the visible part of your body.

Common Skin Problems of Hands

What are the underlying problems of the skin, aging causes to the hands? Below are some common issues of them as we get older:

Skin Textural Changes:

The skin gets thin with age, and skin patterns become more prominent. The elasticity of the skin may become compromised, and easy bruising may become more prominent. Moreover, skin also becomes drier as it holds less water.


Discoloration and Age Spots:

These are the pigmentary changes on your hands. Sun exposure, for a longer period of time, causes pigmentary changes to the skin. Sunspots, brown discoloration, and even white spots may appear due to UV exposure. Actinic keratoses are the precancerous lesions on the skin caused by chronic sun exposure.

Loss of Fat and Visible Tendons:

Soft tissue support, mostly fat, becomes increasingly scarce over time. This condition leads to a skeletonized appearance, including visible tendons at the back of the hands.

Enlarged Visible Veins:

Aging causes the loss of tissue support, and veins become more tortuous, enlarged, and visible with age. You can come to us if If a large visible vein is bothering you.

Why Do You Need A Hand Rejuvenation Treatment?

The latest techniques in rejuvenation now allow dermatologists to treat the signs of aging. Our aestheticians at Blissful Me Medspa use Chemical peels and dermal fillers as the procedures helpful in effacing sunspots and are now commonly being used to rejuvenate the face and to restore lost volume in the hands as well.

Benefits of Hand Rejuvenation Treatment: 

  • You will get youthful looking skin
  • It’s Nonsurgical, so it’s safe
  • We guarantee Immediate results after the treatment
  • Our treatment is painless and has no side effects 
  • It will make natural collagen on your surface
  • Applicable for both men and woman

People seldom consider having a Hand rejuvenation treatment because it’s not so much a trend; not having the realization that if you go for the face rejuvenation only, there can be a disconnect. There comes an awkward moment when you hold your hand up close to your face. Yeah, that is the time when you can really see the difference. This realization is leading more men and women of a certain age towards the cosmetologists or aestheticians; when they feel their hands look old as fat wastes away over the years, and collagen production slows down. As a result, the skin becomes thinner, and tendons become more prominent.

Where I can get the Best Hand Rejuvenation Treatment?

The right choice or combination of treatment options for hand rejuvenation depends on the underlying cosmetic concern that needs to be treated. It is important not only for successful rejuvenation procedures but also for patient satisfaction. A qualified and experienced aesthetician at Blissful Me Med Spa guides you about the best Hand Rejuvenation Treatment in New City, NY. Call us today to get an appointment.

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