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Botox Lip Flip Treatment New City, NY

What is Botox Lip Flip?

As the name suggests, the Botox lip flip includes applying a protein called Botox to augment the upper lip. It is becoming very popular every day as an easy, simple, and effective way to augment your lips without applying fillers. Only a couple of fast injections can help the upper lip loose and roll a little upward, which enables more of the upper lip to be visible. It is a great substitute for fillers for patients who like a finer augmentation than fillers provide or for those who like to increase the shape of their upper lip with the least effort.

How does the Botox lip flip work?

To carry out a Botox lip flip, our specialists make use of several injections right above the upper lip into the orbicularis oris muscle which surrounds the mouth. Botox, for the time being, loses the part of the muscle above the upper lip, enabling the lip to roll a little upward so it emerges ampler and defined. This muscle loosening can also help soft and level vertical lines around the lips. The majority of clients notice the results in a matter of days following treatment, with complete results in approximately one week. Botox lip flip effect lasts up to three to four months.

Make sure that you choose a qualified aesthetician who has a lot of experience doing it for you. Excessive treatment is a real danger and can confine your ability to move your lips normally. It requires a high level of skill and experience to get the right result.

Botox lip Flip

Lip Fillers vs Botox Lip Flip

Well, let me be clear on one thing the ‘Botox Lip Flip’ is not an alternative to natural-looking lip fillers. We do both at Blissful Me Med Spa as we have patients who are fit for and happy with one treatment or the other or even both. Our highly skilled aestheticians take into account your natural lip anatomy, your wanted result, and your personal priorities when deciding whether Botox lip flip or dermal filler.

You probably will be satisfied with the Botox lip flip if:

  • You want a little more prominent protrude to your lips
  • You think your upper lip looks obscure when you smile
  • You like to have fuller-looking lips but do not want extra volume
  • You want a more short-term treatment of 4-6 months

Fillers are probably a better lip augmenting option if:

  • You want extra volume in the lower and or upper lip
  • Do you want to tackle more severe straight lip lines
  • You wish to enhance and better overall lip shape and symmetry
  • Do you like a longer-duration lip augmentation of 6-12 months

In certain instances, the best option for a patient is to combine Botox lip flip with fillers. Applying fillers to augment lip size and Botox to lift the upper lip a little can achieve a great effect for patients with very thin lips.

How much does the Botox lip flip cost?

With us, the usual Botox lip flip costs $100 per treatment but it varies from person to person and can be lower or higher than that. Of course, it has surprised you how cheap it is, bear in mind that we only need a few units of Botox to apply and to get the desired lip flip result.

It is worth remembering that the Botox remains for four to five months and you will have to come again for therapy approximately three to four times as often as you would for filler injections. Having said that, Botox can be a very inexpensive solution for patients wishing for a delicate but considerable enhancement in lip appearance.

How can I get a natural lip flip result?

Though it may seem simple to get fuller-looking lips with Botox, every aesthetician is not qualified to carry out a Botox lip flip. Natural-looking lip fillers require a very high level of skill, experience, and knowledge of anatomy to get an appropriate result, hence be certain you choose a highly qualified specialist who has special training and a lot of experience doing natural-looking lip fillers.

Excessive treatment is a real danger with inexperienced dermatologists and can confine your ability to move your lips normally. For example, you may not be capable of using a straw unless the Botox starts to wear out if too much is applied or if it is injected into the wrong place in your lip.

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