Awakening Eye Treatment

Remove Puffiness and Dark Circles Under Your Eyes 

Remember that your eyes are a reflection of your all beauty. The beauty of a person is not in its hair or makeup; it’s in its beautiful shining eyes since eyes are the doorway to the place where love resides. The soft skin beneath the eyes is a common area of importance and interest and the bags under eye or dark circles can become a cause of a tired, prematurely aged look.

The bags under eye and the dark circles beneath the eyes can be for the time being resulting from a lack of sleep, on the other hand, permanent puffy eyes may be caused by a lot of daily habits or maybe a genetic problem and it needs to be treated. Eye awakening treatment can restore back to natural look the under eye area for a refreshed and youthful look.



There are several factors that can cause awakening eyes and dark circles. One of the major causes is genetics. Some of these causes are for the time being and your under-eye bags will fade in a couple of days. On the other hand, some of these causes create long-lasting under-eye bags. If there are bags developed under your eyes and you’re unhappy with them, consider an awakening eye treatment with us at Blissful Me Medspa, New City, NY.

Awakening Eye Treatment is used to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines under the eyes. The intensive Awakening Eye Treatment acts in combination with the Microlift process to produce visible results

The Awakening Eye Treatment from Blissful Me MedSpa uses modernized technology to reduce the appearance of puffiness and to visibly smooth crow’s feet fine lines and wrinkles around them.

Our Awakening Eye Treatment perks up fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, deflate pesky bags and brighten dark circles. Lavender soothes and relaxes tired skin – all combining to help your peepers look noticeably more awake. With this fantastic treatment following changes will occur:

  • Under-eye puffiness appears minimized.
  • Crow’s feet fine lines are visibly reduced.
  • Wrinkles around the eye area are diminished.
  • Tired-looking eyes appear more open and awake.


Perfect candidates for awakening eye treatment will be healthy, have a realistic understanding of what can be obtained with a lower blepharoplasty, and have moderate to good skin elasticity. If you smoke you will need to be able to take a break for two weeks prior to and following the treatment. The under eye bags may be caused by a number of factors but are usually genetic.


The practitioner will remove and reposition fat pockets so that your face looks smooth and youthful. This process is carried out with cutting edge technology and injections so that you can return to your routine schedule quickly and have a relatively painless recovery. Blissful Me Medspa team specializes in eye awakening treatment and will help you save money as well as have a safer treatment with this method.

Say goodbye to your puffy eyes and under eye dark circles:

Have you tried a lot of products/treatments for dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, but failed? Well, awakening eye treatment is the best for the sensitive skin under the eyes and helps in removing your dark circles and puffiness.

Your eyes help you relay your thoughts and emotions to others. However, puffy eyes probably say a lot more than you intend, as in; you’re tired, sick, or merely feeling sleepy. The delicate, sensitive (comparatively thinner) skin under the eyes is one of the first places the body shows signs of stress. So don’t wait anymore and book your appointment today with us for awakening eye treatment. We believe in ‘Customer Satisfaction First!’ The quality, time, and cost-efficient treatment is our identity.

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