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The word “Decolletage” comes from the French word Décolleté, which means, to expose the neck. Décolletage is also known as decollete is the area above a woman’s upper chest up to the jawline. From your chin to your cleavage, your neck and decolletage are often neglected, and as a result, it can show your age. Many spas and massage centers are now including decolletage massage in New City, in their regular regimes. They are becoming a part of regular facials too.


What Is The Decolletage Massage All About?

Most massage parlors and spas offer decollete massage as an addition to their regular facials. Some modern massage parlors and spas, like Blissful Me MedSpa, offer “exclusive decollete massage in New City, NY” that does not take the focus away from the region of concern. This way, this ignored part of your body is not ignored anymore. They use special serums, firming gels, and youth-restoring vitamins in oils to massage the neck area.



What benefits do you get from décolletage massage?

  • Décolletage massage mobilizes the lymphatics in the area.
  • Decollete massage works towards detoxification of the skin by mechanical pressure and dexterous finger movements.
  • Decolletage massage helps you with sinus pressure problems, breathing problems, and congestion.
  • Decollete massage can be a great stress buster. It elevates your mood and helps relieve anxiety. The moment, the therapist reaches your shoulders and upper back; you will feel the stress melt away like wax in a candle.
  • Décolletage massage is considered great for exfoliation and cleansing.
  • Massage with essential oils provides nourishment to your facial skin and neck skin.
  • Your neck muscles can also derive relaxation and nutrition from these massages.

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