Effective Decolletage Massage

The word “Decolletage” comes from the French word Décolleté, which means, to expose the neck. Décolletage is also known as decollete and it's specifically called to the area above a woman’s upper chest up to the jawline. From your chin to your cleavage, your neck and decolletage are often neglected, and as a result, it can show your age.

Articulated as “day-kol-tay,” décolleté is adapted from the French word decollete, which means to uncover the neck. It can also indicate a low-cut dress style on a lady. When indicating to the body and skincare, the décolleté is plainly the upper body, comprising the upper chest, shoulders, and back as well as the jawline and neck.

The décolleté is one of the most ignored and forgotten areas of the body particularly when talking about the protection from the elements, beauty rituals, strengthening the muscles, massage, and even stretching. Nobody likes loose and wrinkled skin that looks similar to crepe paper. But don’t panic, take it easy, the area can be restored and give a magnificent look with a handful of extra attention.

What is a décolletage massage?

This peculiar massage concentrates on the area above a woman’s upper chest up to the jawline. This also extends across the shoulders and the upper back. Décolletage massage: everything you have to know prior to having performed one by a masseur. This immensely relaxing form of massage is not just soothing; it also helps with the elevating and tightening of the skin on the neck. Some new-age MedSpa's like Blissful Me Medspa also offers special décolletage massages that do not take the focus away from the region of importance and attention. We use special serums, firming gels, and youth-restoring vitamins in oils to massage the neck area.


What benefits do you get from décolletage massage?

  • Mobilizes the lymphatic in the area.
  • Works towards detoxification of the skin by mechanical pressure and dexterous finger movements.
  • Helps you with sinus pressure problems, breathing problems, and congestion.
  • Décolletage massage can be a great stress buster. It elevates your mood and helps relieve anxiety. The moment, the therapist reaches your shoulders and upper back; you will feel the stress melt away like wax in a candle.
  • Décolletage is considered great for exfoliation and cleansing.
  • Provides nourishment to your facial skin and neck skin.
  • Your neck muscles can also derive relaxation and nutrition.

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Not like chemical peels and skin inserting surgeries, these natural massages have no negative impacts. You can start enrolling for similar massages from your 20s to save up on your youth. There is no “perfect” age to start and get neck therapy. If you roam much in the sun and the pollution, you must at least try getting a complete facial and Décolletage massage once a month. Because, once the marks of age set in, it is difficult to get rid of them by natural methods. So don’t wait anymore and book your appointment today with us for décolletage massage. We believe in ‘Customer Satisfaction First!’ The quality, time, and cost-efficient treatment is our identity.

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