PRP is the abbreviation of platelet-rich plasma; in different areas of the body, doctors use it to excite healing. It usually helps to bring back hair growth. In this procedure, a specimen of your blood is obtained and fed into the scalp’s areas affected by hair loss. Yet, it is not an everlasting solution for hair loss. Thus, here a query arose in your mind.

How long does PRP Treatment for hair loss Last?

Normally, PRP therapy has three to four terms. A duration of four to six weeks is required to complete all the terms. The last term is called the maintenance PRP term and it is the longest of all. Usually, it requires three to six months. The whole therapy will enhance your hair thickness, number of hair, alopecia, and hair root strength.

What is the PRP Treatment for hair loss?

PRP treatment is concerned with platelets. Platelets are a part of blood, which plays a crucial role in curing the damaged and injured part of the body. This is the reason they are called the first responders. While exploring platelets scientists came to know that if condense platelets are fed into injured areas, they could provoke healing. A similar process is repeated to do Platelet Rich Plasma treatment. This Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment for hair loss supplies proteins that accelerate tissue repair. Furthermore, it is observed that PRP is a riskless therapy and can be applied for facial skin rejuvenation.

Top 5 Benefits of PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

Both males and females can benefit from PRP Treatment for Hair Loss. 

  1. It provokes hair growth. It restores the tissue, which provokes the natural and inherited growth of hair.
  2. It can generate long-standing results if all the terms are done by a hair specialist. Another benefit is, this therapy only requires a few minutes to finish.
  3. Think why is PRP therapy becoming more and more famous? The reason is that it is riskless and has no disadvantages. You can use your blood for the rejuvenation and recovery process which is completely organic.
  4. It not only heals hair loss, but it can also even make a better skin surface and appearance, increase smoothness and decrease or even diminish wrinkles.

PRP treatments for hair loss at Blissful Me MedSpa New City, NY

It’s just a three-step process.

  •     Firstly, blood is taken from your body.
  •     Secondly, brought into a centrifuge to rotate around, and it creates platelet-poor plasma, rich platelets, and red blood cells.
  •     Following, isolating PRP from the blood specimen, the final step or action is performed. With a syringe in this final step, blood is pumped into your scalp at an accurate depth. Our patients always feel comfortable and harmless during therapy. You can start your daily activities after Platelet Rich Plasma injections.

Who Can Benefit from PRP Treatment for Hair Loss?

From PRP injections many people can get benefits.

  1. Those who are going bald and their hair are becoming thin, can apply this therapy to achieve their beautiful hair again. Hair growth improvement can generally be considered in only the short time of three months.
  2. To get rid of baldness, those who are undergoing androgenic alopecia or other kinds of alopecia can use this technique.
  3. Old age people often have problems with hair growth. Anyone ranging from 18 to 72 years can visit our medical spa for this therapy.
  4. Those who have hair loss issues because of high-stress levels can be cured quite easily with PRP injections.
  5. This therapy is better for those people who have started experiencing hair loss in the near past. Platelet Rich Plasma injections will make your hair stocky, strengthen, and grow hair from follicles. In our practice of PRP hair treatment, we have observed the best success with PRP Treatment for Hair Loss.

For How Long Does The PRP Treatment for Hair Loss Last?

Compared to other conventional hair transplant methods PRP Treatment for Hair Loss is cost-efficient. For long-lasting results, we always recommend continuous PRP maintenance therapy. Following treatment, you can have at least for a year healthy hair. However, you still require doing again and again after a specific time PRP treatment to maintain the effects of hair growth. Throughout treatment, we always keep under careful observation about the development of hair and help our clients on every step. Does PRP Treatment for Hair Loss will work on your hair? Or you have any other questions and doubts about hair loss treatment. Do not hesitate to contact us or reserve your appointment online now!